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Meet the Nativity was a tough brief for many reasons, but Luminosity embraced it and made it fly. We had to make it funny, they helped us avoid being broad. We had to make it charming, they helped us avoid being twee. We had to carry people credibly through the time-travel conceit and deposit them in an authentic 1st century nativity. They made the magic happen, and then some. Perhaps most importantly we had to satisfy a large Christian constituency but appeal to people far beyond the church. Luminosity sought to understand the old Christian story and helped us to make it sparkle on screen.

Glen Scrivener
CEO Speak Life


Wow!! It's stunning. It is exactly what we want and completely nails the messages we want to deliver. I really like having the text intercut throughout, which means the emotional impact stays with the viewer at the end, instead of asking them to read too much after the action and perhaps diluting that. Amazing! Thank you so much, it's brilliant.
Jon Ryan, Head of Press and PR
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

We have been so used to very dry product videos and what you did for us was fantastic. It’s the first film we have made that really hit me emotionally, that brought tears to my eyes and that I was excited to share on Facebook. This is how we will approach all our product films in the future.
NSN Networks Marketing

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