Luminosity: Adjective Giving off light;
bright, brilliant or shining

We make films that move, touch and inspire people so
that you can share your important message.

Based out of the world famous Ealing Studios in West London, Luminosity is an independent Production Company providing a full production service for companies and brands that want world class films and stories to help spread their message.


We are creative team of committed filmmakers and storytellers with a proven track record in delivering cinematic content with passion, authenticity and heart. 



Chris Jones - Director and writer

Chris has produced and directed feature films, his work has won over 100 international awards, won the Producers Guild of America Award and been Oscar shortlisted. He has written several best selling books on filmmaking, runs the London Screenwriters' Festival and TEDxEaling and is a certified firewalk instructor. //

Judy Goldberg - Producer and writer

Judy has been producing for 20 years, with countless music videos and short films under her belt. She has worked in LA in the production team on the Resident Evil franchise as well as other features. More recently she created an initiative for abuse survivors called Be Heard, which culminated in a film that was premiered at BAFTA. She also runs the London Screenwriters' Festival with Chris. //

Viktoria Tolidou - Editor and web technology

Viktoria joined the team last year, bringing her editorial and shooting skills to the team. She also works on maintaining the web assets. //


Based at Ealing Film Studios

Luminosity is based at the world famous Ealing Studios in West London, on the central line. Many iconic British films were produced here, and the heritage and constant flow of new films in production create an atmosphere brimming with creativity and possibility.

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