Rehab Matters

No-one should miss out. Too many do.

Produced for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy; the professional, educational and trade union body for the UK's 57,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and support workers.


The Brief

Create a powerful film that relates the human need for physiotherapy that can be shared on social media.

The Reach

'Rehab Matters' gained immediate traction with 100,000 views on Facebook in the first few days. Between Youtube and Facebook the film has been viewed over a quarter of a million times. Facebook provided the greatest traction with both physios and patients actively sharing (over 3.5k shares), often with passionate personal insight and stories. Anecdotal feedback from working physios backed up the decision of the production team to use professional and working physios 'in character' instead of actors. 


The Client Feedback

Wow!! It's stunning. It is exactly what we want and completely nails the messages we want to deliver. I really like having the text intercut throughout, which means the emotional impact stays with the viewer at the end, instead of asking them to read too much after the action and perhaps diluting that. Amazing! Thank you so much, it's brilliant.
Jon Ryan, Head of Press and PR
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Social Media Comments

'Rehab Matters' generated thousands of comments and shares. Here are just a few...


Facebook feedback

Sarah Brindley: This video clearly shows the difference further rehabilitation can make. I’m an Occupational Therapist working in neurological rehabilitation and it is dreadful how many areas don’t have community rehabilitation. Far more investment is needed in setting up multidisciplinary teams in the community.

Mark Shelley: Lovely video. Absolutely spot on. My dad is going through the same recovery and his rehab has been invaluable.

Julie Wright: This is why I do what I do. Physiotherapy can make such s difference.

Joanne Southan: Cheryl Mason you do an amazing job and I'm very proud of you. Very powerful video xx

Sarah Shuttleworth: Rehab matters. I saw a wonderful Physio in the lune valley after my op. The reassurance I needed just to stand up and stand tall was a breakthrough in itself, let alone the remaining care to get me back to fitness. I was very lucky to be able to access her, if only more people who needed it could. This video is so poignant xx

Twitter feedback

Great film! I came into this wonderful profession for this very reason- to make a difference #RehabMatters #Physiotherapy #lovemyjob

Excellent film #rehabmatters. I'm proud to work in community rehab and help people achieve their functional goals.

Inspirational! Very proud to be a physio and can’t underestimate power of patient story. Well done.


#RehabMatters This is why I love my job
@CPFT_NHS @aphilipsonallen

Youtube feedback

Howard Ellison: Beautifully told, so truthful, and how our tears flow! NHS physio professionals, lovely people as in the video, brought a huge difference to the quality of my dear wife's final chapter. Well done CSP and your film-makers.

Richard Bennett: Wow. Really humbling to be reminded of how important this work is. Respect to the CSP for putting this together. Instant share.

John Xerri de Caro: This is an amazing video full of emotion and a powerful sense of identity, bringing out the best of professional, social, verbal and non-verbal communicative skills. Wow. Well done.

Karen Willcock: What a powerful film this is; let's share it as widely as we can to get the message out there.


On Wednesday the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy launched a campaign to stop the NHS wasting the lives they save for lack of community rehabilitation.  Almost half of stroke survivors feel abandoned when they leave hospital. More than half of the people with hip fractures don't get physio, ditto.  Thousands have to return to surgery for revision. The physiotherapists are releasing a short film, Rehab Matters, a variation on the Sliding Doors theme, featuring a woman who has a stroke and in one plot line gets rehabilitation, in the other doesn't.  It's brief, moving and brutally effective.  And actually, it's about us.  You, me, our future.  Do we want independence and quality of life?  Or the alternative.
Melanie Reid, The Times Newspaper


Photos supplied to the client for social media amplification

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