Never Too Late

What would happen if Father Christmas needed physio?
Released November 30th 2018.


The Brief

Produce a Christmas themed family film that is watched by younger viewers who will show older viewers who would not typically watch social media content, that then encourages older viewers to do specific exercises to help them with improved mobility.

The Client Feedback

Luminosity brought craft, know-how and passion to every stage of the project. When developing the script, they demanded we explore every avenue of the concept to make the connection with our target audience both powerful and meaningful. When planning the shoot, they used all of their knowledge, expertise and extensive connections to find ways to deliver the project on a limited budget, without sacrificing any of the impact of the story. And when shooting the film, they brought enormous energy, skill and focus to ensure they created a film that would help us meet our objectives and help lives change for the better.


Above all, the team ‘got’ what we were trying to do. This never felt to us like they were doing just another job; they wanted to do the best possible job for the people we are trying to help.


Jon Ryan, Head of Press and PR
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Watch The Film 2 Minute Edit

For social media we also cut a 2.20 version, which also fits Twitter perfectly.

Reach of the film

Overall, Never Too Late got 465k views across all platforms and was shared nearly 7k times, with more than 12k likes. The page we were directing people to had 13k visits, with people spending an average of 5m 41s on the page, which is pretty unheard of on our site. These stats were against targets of 100k views and 5k webpage clickthroughs, so fair to say it was a huge success! We were absolutely delighted with the result.

Jon Ryan, Head of Press and PR
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Facebook feedback

Angela Power
Wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen the CSP promote our profession in this way, and an amazing video as well, brought a tear !

Anita Louise Boston
A beautiful message Pauline - thank u for sharing it. I am going to print off the exercises and try them xxx

Lorena Louisa
Yes!!! This is what makes me want to keep doing physio despite all the pressures and times you can’t make it all better it’s the patients that you make a difference with that make it all worthwhile! Quality of life is the end goal!

Alice Lyons
Well that’s a tear-jerker! Lovely film and what a great message. Absolutely right as well, it’s never too late xxxx

Geraldine Stroud
Excellent a million times better than the John Lewis advert!!

Jennifer McDermott
My daughter is a physio, dedicated to helping others, this is a lovely video which tugs at your heart strings and makes me so proud of her and realise the value of her work xx

Avril Ellis
Crying like a baby because I am attending physio therapy here in Portugal after total knee replacement surgery My wonderful physiotherapist is a dedicated professional who earns 70 Euro per day for a 12 hour shift. Less than 6 eur per hour. God Bless her and all physios around the world.

Emma Taylor
What a wonderful Christmas themed message...well done CSP 🎄

Lorraine Allchurch
Great advert for a very under estimated profession !!

Adrienne Cook
I’m crying like a baby ... lovely advert and sentiment ... go physios!!!

Taneesha Gadher Dhillon
Hit me in the feels

Twitter feedback

Bit of a mascara warning...@NottsHealthcare @AHPsNottsHC The value of #physiotherapy #fallsprevention #rehabmatters #lovemyjob

Wow! Rehab transforms lives.....#NeverTooLate #csp


Spread the Christmas cheer! Fantastic short film from @thecsp showing physical and mental health benefits of getting stronger #ItsNeverTooLate


Such a privilege to be a physio. Great screenwriting @JonRyanCSP Thanks for taking the time to truly understand what can do and to help seize an opportunity to market our potential as a profession.

Love this! Am I the only one who thinks this should be on tv? It gives other Christmas ads a run for their money, spreads Christmas cheer, & can change people’s lives. Congrats to all involved!

A good physio will endeavour to understand their client’s identity. What is their motivation? This film beautifully illustrates this. Well done all @thecsp ......maybe they could help John Lewis with their Christmas ad next year!

Amazing!!!!! A real inspirational and motivational video. Makes me feel quite emotional and super proud to be a physiotherapist

Best Christmas ad this year.....well done CSP, proud to be a Physio to give the gift of functional independence


I seem to have something in my eye... Love this!

Gosh that packed an emotional punch in such a short, but powerfully evocative film! Brilliant way of getting across the point that any therapy we offer & encourage patient participation in, needs a motivating factor or end goal to aim for.

Absolutely beautiful x Crying happy tears xxx

I really love this! Why I love my job!


Best. Christmas. Advert. #2018 Lovely message, well done!


You've just nailed it.


Behind The Scenes Casting Never Too Late

Youtube feedback

You've just nailed it.


Jané Du Toit

Lovely ❤️


The Shoot

Never Too Old was shot in March 2018 over a four day period on location in West and North London. Stills below.

Photos supplied to the client for social media amplification

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