Meet The Nativity

A time traveling comedy where 21st and 1st century Christmases magically collide over four webisodes.

Produced for Speak Life, a Christian outreach organisation.

The Brief

To produce four high quality short films called Meet the Nativity for, predominantly, an online audience. The script - a time-travelling Christmas rom-com - calls for four main actors plus a nativity cast and is to be shot in a London. The films have a distinctively Christian outlook but also need to appeal to a wider audience.

The Reach

The four webisodes of Meet The Nativity screened in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2017, after which an edit of all four cut together was released. Each episode was four to five minutes in length. Youtube and Facebook were chosen as the primary platforms and the combined series has now reached over a half million views, with episode one attracting nearly half of those views within a week. Facebook proved to be the most successful platform with 90% of the views taking place there.

The Client Feedback

Meet the Nativity was a tough brief for many reasons, but Luminosity embraced it and made it fly. We had to make it funny, they helped us avoid being broad. We had to make it charming, they helped us avoid being twee. We had to carry people credibly through the time-travel conceit and deposit them in an authentic 1st century nativity. They made the magic happen, and then some. Perhaps most importantly we had to satisfy a large Christian constituency but appeal to people far beyond the church. Luminosity sought to understand the old Christian story and helped us to make it sparkle on screen.


Social Media Feedback

Meet the Nativity gained thousands of shares and comments, mostly on Facebook but also Twitter and Youtube. Here are a selection of the comments on Facebook.

  • Benjamin Charles Sargent In the best tradition of socially awkward British comedy! Can’t wait for the next installment!
  • Jonny Libby: Watched at our youth Bible study tonight. Loved it - looking forward to next week.
  • Amy Robinson Sharon Kulesa: this is what I was talking about! Most eagerly awaited Christmas film of the year. If not the decade 😀
  • James Pardon: This is so sooo good.
  • Kim Connor: One word - brilliant!
  • David Albee: This was Fantastic
  • Tanya Marlow: LOVED THIS!
  • Annette Orr: A-maz-ing!
  • Simon Naish: Outstanding
  • Sally Henderson: That’s awesome. Great message.
  • Mattea Moore: It's so refreshing to see a Christian film/series with a genuinely funny story and good acting. This is really good guys!
  • Sue Dallimore: Tears too - these are just brilliant - loving it - a wonderful way to share the Christmas story with others
  • Robert Connochie: Heartwarming, emotional, wonderful
  • Hannah Vasby-Burnie: 10/10 would watch again! Wait, not would, WILL! I am re watching it for the 3rd time already!
  • Edward Hart: Looking forward to episode Three and four, may the Lord bless these episodes and bring the full meaning of Christmas to many, thank you Glen and your team for this great endeavor.

Photos supplied to the client for social media amplification

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